Pure Mercerised Cotton Silk Jacquard Saree

Rs. 1,850


A pure mercerized cotton silk jacquard saree is a type of traditional Indian garment made from high-quality cotton silk fabric. The fabric is first mercerized, a process that involves treating the cotton fibers with sodium hydroxide to improve their strength, luster, and dye absorption. This process also gives the fabric a smooth, silky finish.

The saree is then woven using a jacquard loom, which creates intricate patterns and designs on the fabric. The jacquard technique allows for precise weaving of complex designs that may include motifs, floral patterns, or geometric shapes.

  • Fabrics: Pure Mercerised Cotton Silk 5.50 meter, Blouse: Pure Mercerised Cotton Silk 0.80 meter.
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean Only
  • A traditional Indian garment made from high-quality cotton silk fabric
  • Fabric is mercerized for strength, luster, and dye absorption
  • Woven using a jacquard loom for intricate patterns and designs
  • Lightweight, soft, and comfortable to wear
  • Drapes beautifully for a graceful and elegant look
  • Ideal for formal occasions and special events
  • Combines traditional Indian weaving techniques with modern fabric treatments for a unique and stunning garment.

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