Kiara Advani Printed Georgette Saree With Embroidery Blouse

Rs. 1,450 Rs. 2,250  – 36%

A printed georgette saree with embroidery lace and blouse is a traditional Indian garment that consists of a long piece of fabric draped around the body in a specific way. Georgette is a lightweight, sheer fabric with a slightly crinkled texture that drapes beautifully. The saree is printed with intricate designs that can range from floral motifs to abstract patterns.

  • In addition to the print, this saree also features embroidery lace, which is a delicate, decorative trim that is sewn onto the edges of the saree. The lace adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall look of the garment.
  • The saree is usually accompanied by a blouse, which is a fitted garment that is worn on the upper body. The blouse is often made from the same fabric as the saree and is designed to complement its style and design. The blouse may also feature embroidery or lace detailing that matches the saree.
  • Overall, a printed georgette saree with embroidery lace and blouse is a beautiful and timeless garment that is perfect for formal occasions such as weddings, parties, and other festive events.
  • Saree Length 5.50 meter and Blouse Length 0.80 meter
  • Wash Care: Hand wash or Dry clean

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