Heavy Cotton Batik With Foil Printed Work & Lace Border Kaftan

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A kaftan is a loose-fitting, ankle-length garment that is typically worn by women in many cultures around the world. This particular kaftan is made from heavy cotton batik fabric and features a foil printed work design and a lace border.

The heavy cotton batik fabric provides durability and comfort, making it suitable for everyday wear. The wax-resist dyeing technique used to create the batik design adds a unique and colorful pattern to the fabric, while the foil printing technique adds a shiny and reflective effect that enhances the overall appearance of the kaftan.

Fabrics:- Heavy COTTON BATIK With FOIL Printed Work
Lace Border Attached With Center Belt to Adjust Size
Size :- M-38, L-40, XL-42 & XXL-44
Length :- Max Up to 41”
Type :- Fully Stiched (Ready Made)
Weight :- 0.300 Kg
Wash :- First Time Dry Clean

  • Loose-fitting, ankle-length kaftan made from heavy cotton batik fabric
  • Features a unique wax-resist dyeing batik design for a colorful pattern
  • Foil printing technique adds a shiny and reflective effect to the fabric
  • Lace border adds an extra layer of detail and elegance to the kaftan
  • Suitable for both everyday wear and formal occasions
  • Loose-fitting nature of the kaftan makes it comfortable and easy to wear
  • Combination of batik, foil printing, and lace border create a stunning and eye-catching design
  • High-quality and durable fabric makes it a long-lasting and worthwhile investment.

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