Purple Color Heavy Faux Georgette Embroidery Work Dress

Rs. 2,699 Rs. 4,500  – 40%

A Heavy Faux Georgette Embroidery Work Suit is a type of traditional Indian clothing that is commonly worn by women for special occasions such as weddings, festivals, and other formal events. The suit is made from a lightweight fabric called faux georgette, which has a slightly crinkled texture and a sheer appearance.

The suit typically consists of three pieces: a long tunic or kurta, a pair of loose-fitting pants or salwar, and a scarf or dupatta. The tunic is usually heavily embroidered with intricate designs and patterns using threads of different colors and may also feature embellishments such as sequins, beads, or stones.

The pants or salwar are typically loose-fitting and comfortable, and are designed to allow for ease of movement. The scarf or dupatta is used to cover the head and shoulders, and may also be draped around the neck or used to cover the tunic.

Overall, a Heavy Faux Georgette Embroidery Work Suit is a beautiful and elegant garment that is perfect for formal occasions. It is popular among women of all ages and is a timeless piece that will never go out of style.

Fabrics Details :-
TOP :- Heavy Fox Georgette
Sleeves :- Heavy Fox Georgette
INNER Attched Santoon
Length :- Max Up to 59”
Size :- Max Up to 48”
Flair :- Approx 3.00 Mtr.
Type :- Semi Stiched

PLAZZO :- Heavy Fox Georgette
INNER Attached Santoon
Length :- Max Up to 43”
Size :- Max Up to 46”
Type :- Fully Stiched

DUPATTA :- Heavy Fox Georgette

WORK :- Multi Thread & Jari With Sequence Embroidery Stich Work

Weight :- 1.00 kg.
Wash :- First Time Dry Clean

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